Five Poems

Hindol Bhattacharjee যেন অভিশাপ সহ্য করতে পারবে না বলে, নেমে পড়েছ মাঠে। এভাবে ধান চাষ হয় না। কৃষক প্রতিটি গাছের… Read More »Five Poems

Three Poems

Poonam Sonchhatra #1 सुनना ज़रूरी है यद्यपि यह उसकी रुचि का विषय नहीं था लेकिन फिर भी वह सुन रहा… Read More »Three Poems


Carol D’Souza That sail on the horizon was always going to be a shroud, o good people The emperor in… Read More »History


Anam Tariq why do we forget that the sun sets/sunsets each day? why do we lacerate roots, whose shoots a… Read More »Why


Basudhara Roy Chisel her into a night that has parted ways with all else.   A night neither drunk nor… Read More »Night


Daipayan Nair watching the atlas moth land on a zinnia petal grandma does a 360 on her bamboo stool