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EKL Review is a creative English literary journal publishing online with an aim to encourage imagining against the grain. It is diploblastic in nature that is comprising two layers–Poetry and Prose (Fiction, Reviews, Articles, Essays). It started in August 2020 with frequency of three issues every year but there was a sabbatical in December 2023. From 2024 EKL Review will be  annual that is having one issue per year. It is managed by a team of Prospectors consisting of Five Editors and Eight Readers/ Reviewers

Nomenclature: EKL is an acronym derived from the title of Leszek Kolakowski’s 1986 essay “Emperor Kennedy Legend:  A New Anthropological Debate”, which is a satirical spoof on scholarship and how perception of existence is dependent on interpretation in the Anthropocene. 

Kolakowski’s tongue-in-cheek essay, through the depiction of theories propounded by Dr. Rama, Dr. Gama and Dr. Ngama, not only elicits humour but also horror especially in the last line of the essay: “To defend a wrong anthropological theory might be punishable by death.” It gives us a profound sense of inadequacy and unintelligibility of our existence to future terrestrials and a fearful inevitability that every moment we ourselves are getting transformed into a future that is becoming present. 

Kolakowski’s retrospective view from a speculative future questions the prospect of creativity and scholarship. But despite questioning the essence it never discards the need for existence. EKL Review hopes to exist in this indecisive space and leave perforations on the sheet of a cyclical history as time capsules to look back at perhaps from a different space.

EKL Review is a journal in which we “give it those ones”, chant “Nagoyas” and expect the readers to meet Melquíades and find Finnegans. It will hope to be at the same time a Shandean chronicle, a Zeno’s paradox, and a Theseus’s ship.


Dr. Amit Shankar Saha

Address: 46/27, S. N. Banerjee Road, Kolkata-700014, West Bengal,


Mobile: 8335824287

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