Anam Tariq

why do we forget that the sun sets/sunsets each day?

why do we lacerate roots, whose shoots a crutch became?

why do we not celebrate flowers (of family) in bloom

but eulogize, to the d–r–ying rule

of nature, their succumbing?

why don’t you see that the lemon tree will sour fruits bear

despite your wa(flat)tering?


why do we spend our life constructing houses we’ll never own?

why do housekeeping norms dictate

a snobbish china

when what is held in is what ought be finer?

why upon the rouge curls of a sepal, a visitor his affections decides

when in fact he falls for every one of nature’s brides?

why is void of stars the firmament, of which it swanked permanence?


the answers are questions you ask yourselves impervious and

the answers turn these questions’ dawn to dusk.