When the Storms Pass

Anoushka Poddar


Yesterday, the skies burned blue-black,
The gods long have turned their back,
The sky danced with flames so grey,
The water dried up from the dark bays.

Tomorrow, we dance among castles ruined,
We dance until the sun sinks behind clangs of iron and blood.
We sip from chalices of silver and gold,
Clear azure skies, we finally behold.

Yesterday, everything went crashing down,
Bleeding skies, and apocalyptic towns.
Rain, ever so vicious a green,
Floating on clouds of blood and screams.

Tomorrow, we thrive, we feast on wine and bread,
All while our families writhe, rotten and dead.
We built everything up, every field, every farm,
Every thread that the fates upon our cloth, they darn.

Yesterday, and tomorrow,
We live, we die, we grow, we wither.
Our roots grow deeper, searching, finding,
All while we traverse the broken, mending what we find.