When a Musician Makes a Movie Without Songs

Vivekanand Selvaraj

(To CID Sivanandam)


A bullet breaks the sound barrier in dawn’s shut-eye hour.

A smoking gun’s shadow boils hard on the white wall.

The protagonist hurtles down the rabbit hole only

to return as a ghost that dies again and again.


Scene 1: Question 1#

Choose the correct answer from the choices below. Rajan was killed

because he was:


a) an avaricious brother

b) an insensitive brother in law

c) a deserting womanizer

d) the envy of a carnally frustrated neighbour


More often than not, time holds the finger

pressing the trigger

On 11 October 1943

a Japanese bomb inscribed with Chennai’s name

sent a radio message on safe arrival




floods                                                   over and

………………….. out   


On a day like that

a traitor falls to his pathini

                                                but deshabhakthini

who would rather kill a husband        than let the country burn


e) none of the above