When a Bud Comes to Life in Flower

Maid Corbic


When the bud comes to life in early spring

it really looks like some big bullet to me

drenched in all dimensions and backs

not even Fibonacci can understand those petals

when I count them, I look at an even number


when it’s cold outside I first see a bud

as it continues to develop

so it feels like it’s a shaped bullet

and the stalk is its stalk that looks

like some Winchester rifle butt


when everything around me begins to come to life

I see the symbol of the bullet and the crucifix

because people give flowers to sickles in vain

just to get some ethereal scents

which continue to cause me severe trouble in my soul


because I know that the bud faces like a bullet big

that grain when awakens from metamorphosis

I look forward to each day more than ever

yes, that big bullet will come to life in vain


I know that my existence may be small

but the flowers are the most beautiful in the world

beautiful colors, shapes and dimensions

where every moment of life gives me a new start


I never asked for much of life

except that everyone respects that bullet that is as light as a feather

but gentle enough to destroy everything around him in anger

believe everything you hear and see

because the masterpiece is a great miracle

let the bullet stop all obstacles!