Wealth Management

Hemang Ashwinkumar




A bloody fiver, this life of mine.

Spent three on roasted grams, salted peanuts.

Paani-puri tastes better, sure.

Too late for it, boy.

Peanuts and grams is what I enjoy.





The tenner I saved for old age,

stinging on protein and fats,

is valid no more.


The currency changed midnight,

and lately, my daughter says,

I’ve taken on my mother’s foldy face.





A dollar a kiss, that comes

to a million in bits.

Plus, those untiring licks,


blind and choking…hic,

worth a billion, all yours for keeps.

Hope that’s enough


to make you part,

as I say goodbye,

with two small coins,


one each

in the hollow of my fists.