Untitled (Last August)

Farheena S. Rehman


Last August

The bulbul family left

When the fledglings took flight


The nest still await

Their return

Hanging on with every straw


This June

I hear the birds’ whistle again

Amid the tangled boughs

And feel happy for the

Abandoned nest;

It may soon become a home,



But mother says

It’s not the bulbuls’ call

But baby mynahs’ encores

Looking for a shore


However, for someone like me

Who couldn’t tell the

Difference between

Lata Mangeshkar and Suman Kalyanpur

When listening to the oldies

On Vivid Bharti

Many summers ago,

I hope against hope…


Memories these days

Throw empty houses

Whose occupants left


Giving trespassers a freeway

Like cuckoos perching

On the walls