There’s an Ache in the Heart Tonight

Basudhara Roy


There’s an ache

in the heart tonight.


A promise left

without a forwarding address.


Some meaning, evacuating hope,

filled into silences.


From between these pages of verse,

did the rose feel unwanted and slip away?


The last train throbs upon these rails.

It does not know it is the last.


In dreams, the rails arrive as parabolas

undoing the need to part.


An ache snuggles into the heart tonight,

assertive as a cat.


It will bleach the heart tonight,

let’s leave it at that.


2 thoughts on “There’s an Ache in the Heart Tonight”

  1. An ache in the heart surfacing at the dead of night is imbued with romantic glow- a pleasently painful take on heart’s ache that gets cozy with the heart only to consume/cleanse it. Pain is its own therapy. The poem has lingering delectable pungency of pain .The image of the parabolic rails strikes in its novelty and freshness and the cat like assertiveness of pain also suggests the surreptitious nature of an ache which makes its way into one’s heart through the smallest cranny. Wonderful read.

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