sketch for

Vinay Sharma


sketch for

                         maybe cello maybe soprano

                                                            both filled with maybe silence

as philip glass lands 1000 airplanes on the roof 



the pain / tings are croo / ked


a wall is behind them

it pushes at them


the pictures in the paintings are not the pain tings


a man on a bed of nails is singing to the pictures

he lives in /on the wall

he is behind the paintings

he cannot see the pictures or the paintings


he wants to see he knows not what

he moves with / in the wall

his movements are strugggggggg /gles

struggles leave the pictures shaken


the pain / tings are / croo / ked


the wall is behind the man

behind the croo / ked mess / ness

who is on the bed of nails

which is a picture in one painting which is not all pain tings


the pain tings are singing


the song lives on the wall

the song is the pain ting behind the pictures or the paintings

the song cannot see it knows not what

the song is breaking down the wall


this is the movement the struggle the pictures the paintings


it is crooked

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