Mapping the Cosmos



Manuscript of multiverse

Travels to ten LOKAS

Looking for lord Krishna’s heart

Meets Bhagavat Gita

Shlokas blooming in the garden of blue lotus.


Ancient understanding TRI DEVAS


Residing in different LOKAS

Endless mesmerizing moons in bright hues

Cosmic wonders of parallel universes.


Footsteps of Tathagata

Bodhisatvas wandering in TEN WORLDS.


Seven heavens above seven earths

Different religious understanding.


Multiverse within multiverse

Dark matter, dark energy merges

Metaphysical overlap mapping sounds of many universes.


A cyclic phenomenon

Unexplained conflicting theory

Immeasurable paradox

I woke up from my deep sleep

Holding my thesis of reality

Inside an aircraft

Landing at Samsara

In my present identity.