Together as One


Jingle bells tinkling nearby

I wondered, how could it be

when it’s not Christmas yet?

I looked up at the sky

facing the blinking stars of the night

The moon laughed at me saying,

“You are shining more brighter than me”

Chapters of nostalgia tiptoed into my mind

I gathered all the memoirs of my heart

and believed the gifted eulogy of my soul

A gigantic smile flashed on my merry face

The night crows sang a sweet song for me

I still wondered,

How could the crows sing so melodically?

For the first time,

I started making fun of my momentousness

thinking, this life is only a dream

Sprinkles of rose powder rapidly seized my eyes

I rushed to pleat them into a fragile glass bottle

thinking them as eternal blessings of God

I rooted them as honeyed love pourings from heaven

I gazed up at the sky one more time

and asked God,

Will I be able to conquer my soul?

The purity of rose incense took my breath away

God and I became ONE.