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Poems – Sonnet Mondal

Films – Anindita Bose



We were born artless, but we mastered the art of hating

when we felt the need to classify tears.



Why does life seem

like the skyline impression of an aircraft?




by and by             life would pass like this

flying                   like a vagrant kite at night


earlier                   i used to tour inside my mind

sometimes            with my mind into others


then i thought       my body should also tour

hence i tour          with both of them now


when                     my bones would start forsaking me

i would still tour   inside my mind


and count              my days of touring

looking at             the curve of my shadow






the iron in a lock

must be thinking

why was I moulded

into something as such!


A life that came

with boldness

got swept into

isolation — by the tongue

of a melancholic rust


hanging like a slave

to the will of the key

and fingers.



Who Am I?


My obsession to know

who am I — lingers

like the sun

setting beneath the wings

of vagrant birds


emerging from nowhere

vanishing into nowhere



Poems – Sonnet Mondal

Concept & Direction – Anindita Bose

Asst. Director – Jit Mukherjee

Editor & Colorist- Koushik Bhattacharya

Music Arrangement – Jit Mukherjee & Koushik Bhattacharya (thanks to Bensound)

Cinematographer – Swapnil Karmakar

Asst. Cameraman – Avijit Chatterjee

Dubbing – Core Studio

Copyright free Images – pexels.com

Name(s) of the producer(s)/ sponsoring body – Anindita Bose

Year of release – 2020

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