Love and silence

Kavita P. Talib


He nudged me

Play your turn.


I simulated like clockwork.

Letters springing into action,

Filling spaces like a glove

Conscious of voids they now had left to fill

Like pauses between us, our In-actions

And a perfect game of scrabble

That balanced proportionally but didn’t make inroads.

Our camaraderie, restricted

To our cryptic wordplay.

the intent… to disallow continuity

And we were able to stall needless tie-ups as astute players.

While the board game seemed effortless, mitigated

Our real conversations seemed inept.

We sat across

As if caught in designs of our own making

And lines that were drawn to divide spaces

Became obstacles to connections rather than bridges…

Armed with letters, and words

Yet neither could string together coherence

That would make sense to the other.

So like pawns in a battle we had not intended

We held on to our powerful words, mutely captive to the grid

Knowing nothing could repair our jigsaw of silences.

2 thoughts on “Love and silence”

  1. I am wondering when you would cross the divide and become partners from players. Enjoyed reading this poem.

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