What Will Martians Make Of Us?


There is a saving grace for every butterfly and every butterfly is saved by grace in its own way. Their disbelief is punctuated by piñatas, the prevailing winds are almost always wrong. Sometimes a feather pierces plywood. In a hurricane. Balloons and boulders roll, their contents thoughts. Some representatives are rendered beneficial in their chosen context, their hearts charged. An eighty-year-old runs the hundred in the regional because the rules don’t say they can’t. As on the other side of zero-sum, its petals strewn, the daisy loves me less and less. As an apprentice mentalist, I ask to meet James Joyce. That which I didn’t reason myself into I can’t reason myself out of.



 An Anomalous Phenomenon



The smoke was blue because the embryo was thought to be a boy. Though seven-fingered, I’d been dwelling on the island of the novices. The nuisance was attractive because what was clearly visible was carefully arrayed. One horn of one dilemma said, Just try this marmalade. Respectfully or retroactively or for effect the one-eyed escapee slid through a viscous liquid. Punishments were inversely proportional to crimes. Revisiting the scene of the absurdity, one found that the absurdity had been scrubbed clean. Then, stationary relative to most of their environment, the lilies of the field and Lazarus did disregard anomalous phenomena. To Lazarus and to the lilies of the field anomalous phenomena said, “We’ve got you surrounded, come out with your hands up,” but in vain.