Droplets of Paradise

Priyanka Adhikary


Lavender hues wavering in the sky of peace

where eternity has no solemn boundaries

I offer my unconditional love to the portrayed sky in my alluring mind

thinking heaven lies somewhere in the center corner of my imagination

I ask God,

‘Where are you taking me?’

‘To the highest realm.’ He smiled and gladly mentioned it.

Droplets of rain poured while they screeched in consciousness of bliss

I called out to the beauty of nature to find some solace

only to invent, that it is the lord of peace

who is calling out by my name in tunes of rhythm and radiant melodies

sung in voices of sweetness and offering ambience of healing vibrations

thrilling fondness awakened in my soul

where roses of gentleness and calmness reside

together they form the shape of inner paradise

I inherited this priceless treasure of soul qualities from my lord

but I stay rooted in my silence, dreaming of samadhi

the dawn of tranquility visited my room that day

promising me the gift of attaining mahasamadhi

I jumped out in my neutral excitement and thought,

‘Finally, I am free.’

Liberation is my new paradise.