Coffee Conspiracy

Vikas Sehra


//Classified Transcript//



Your file says here, you’re very sensitive to temperature and humidity, eh?

You don’t get along with beetles and bugs, do you?

What’s with that heart shaped froth?

Multiple identities.…. Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino.

Coffee Beans, what are you holding? That you haven’t ever told?



Didn’t you conspire with the Irish to topple English?

Coffee house cartels mushrooming everywhere,

Operating from south, locations strategically secured,

Territories acquired from Columbia, Congo River to Ethiopian folds.

Coffee beans, it’s time that everything is told.



Recruiting young ones, masquerading as a companion for a break,

Scorning at proletariats sipping tea on road side stalls,

Where are the alliterations lost while you were brewing in the back?

Stories interrupted, climaxes ruined while being served cold,

Coffee beans, last chance, to reveal it all.



Collaborating with cigarettes, disguising in Kahlua shots,

Listening to war secrets, interrogations and self-talk,

Didn’t you dribble to jinx the opinion polls?

Mass shooting of nerves, took its tolls,

Spill the beans, it’s time to be told.