anticipation serial sowing (more likely stewing in) wild oats?

Gerard Sarnat


over dawn’s

steel cut oats

cogitating god

knows what…



hovered outside

an office window

in wild oak trees


I decide instead a

usual clockwork

exercise to write

to heart’s delight


before close bud’s

grandson billed as

a master masseur

shows up at door


to extend adventure

beyond yesterday’s

Bodhi tree journey

with bestest friends.


I quake anticipating

partner’s reaction to

ur ancient now redux

three-plus-day run of




tip-toeing through

Hawaii’s Big Island


with I’s grandfather

before swim bliss in

warm idyllic Pacific

inlet now under lava.


So on today’s menu

for this 77-year-old

easily-arguable idiot

is first-time initiation


rite (right or wrong)

with boychick Gerry

can imagine as very

own grandson: shush


oy pu-lease don’t breathe no word of Special K to my eldest daughter!