exploring the past



eleven months and one

day now, i keep exploring

the streets of Kolkata

each day


not in search of you but

myself in those places

about which you had told

stories most nights


sleep engulfed me then

so fast and your voice

could be heard like a



Kalighat, Rajbari, Bharat

Sevashram, Howrah

Bridge, Hazra, Maidan,

Victoria, Museum,

Gariahat, New Market,

By Pass, Burrabazaar,

such random snapshots

of Calcutta


circle around me like two

parallel worlds, one in

which I live and the other

that I cannot reach but

can see you walking with





Reality – Illusion = You & Life


In a moment like this,

I feel the illusions transform

into shades of reality and

leave behind the residue of

truth that humans deny or

keep hidden deep inside their

unparalleled psyche…


Multiple dimensions exist

and nourish the human fate,

yet the essence of being

alive is the strongest desire

that conquers the lives of

almost eight billion people

breathing in the world…


Yet amidst such a surmise

that life is primal, and one

must reach its optimal, an

idea of non-existence blinks

in many minds


a brief moment is a miracle,

it is enough to teleport a

human to another space,

which is yet to be explored.


Looking through a window,

the sky seems eternal and

blue. Mystic dreams float in

the midst of drizzling hopes,

and some souls can clearly

see – life travels alone

without the burden of a belief

that being alive is the only goal.