in silence



in an attempt to make people talk to each other more the state decided to take everyone’s phones.

when protests started to spread across the globe, they realised that anger sounded the same in all languages.

they could not ban speech, so they decided to execute anyone whose voice exceeded 58 decibels.

when you knocked on my door to ask me if we could go out, i only nodded.

after we ordered our food, came back to our booth, settled on our seats,
arranged our napkins, and said the customary hi’s hello’s how are you’s
all languages ceased to exist between us. we could only talk in silence.



(inspired by ‘A Quiet World’ by Jeffrey McDaniel)





talk turning to anger

roaring decibels

drowning sound



music occupying air

voices humming along song

feet widening space



the rushing of heartbeats

soft murmurs against the dark

moans travelling through walls



the slow

lilting of leaves