5 Gogyoka from The Last Drop of Your Tears

Rajorshi Patranabis

touched softly

cribs of orange

closed eyes and their known fables

moonlit marks bite in ecstasy

our misty story of life


(Pg 23)


black weds darkness

white makes love

red slumps to unknown fever

blue crowns eternal ether

time scandals my sinful vision


(Pg 31)


strokes of green painted her waves

starkly nude violet slashed her sunset

oiled my paint to draw her ether

she was yellow

i was white


(Pg 50)


ended with a confession

started with gratitude

frozen happening aroma

my sinful mind laced with desire

your latent loneliness made love


(Pg 83)


rolled in

draped in you

milled light years

zeroes glitter

caressing your darkness


(Pg 92)